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焚炎 Valley, after some vague speculation may also be able to know, at least, absolutely 焚炎 Valley no Danta tyrannical, this way, he would not be contrary to choose a more powerful Siddhanta not offend? If so, he might as well forget the idea of ​​playing Fenyan Valley, in that case,Tiffany And Co Outlet, but also a little easier.
‘Do not worry about the fire is Kowloon Lei Gang heritage thing 焚炎 Valley, can be considered the main thing,Tiffany & Co Outlet, but I said this cross-fire, although related Danta, can now, but still not the main thing as long as have the ability, that is, have a nice ring to it, which is even Danta, how would not object, after all, is not 焚炎 Danta Valley, they have a rather special place in the continent.
seems to know the thoughts of Xiao Yan, Yan argues blue quickly.
Xiao Yan brow slightly loosened a bit, looking at the side of Sugan, after the latter saw a slight nod, had just said, ‘said it more clearly,Tiffany Outlet, in addition, since you know this, you should also know exactly what kind of differences fire, right? ‘
‘Xiao brother please be assured Hin Blue believe Danta different kind of fire,Tiffany Outlet, aWill make your heart too. ‘Hin Blue smiled, raised his white emblem immediately go around the chin,Tiffany Outlet, and said:’ I do not know whether Xiao brother heard ‘three thousand Yan Yan fire’? ‘
‘three thousand Yan Yan fire?’ hear the name,Tiffany & Co Outlet, Xiao Yan first hesitated, suddenly broke out immediately Mouzhong hot dark look, and now he can be considered a genuine six refining pharmacist ‘So for that cross-fire list understand the many different fire is no longer as the year the general lack of which three thousand Yan Yan fire, he naturally knows some. Yan Yan fire
three thousand, three thousand alias is also known as the Star Yan Yan fire, different fire standings ranked ninth on the up, than the old drugs bone