The Co-operation Between Xin Ji Weiye Organization with UC Kindies

UC Kindies is more than glad in co-operating with Xin Ji Weiye Organization by having a kindergarten in its cherry park in Beijing, named as UC Kindies Cherry Park Kindergarten. The signing agreement session has been held on 26th May 2015. Madam Lin Xin, the President of Xin Ji Weiye Organization was so pleased to co-operate with UC Kindies and she has the thought of this as a good contribution towards the community. The kindergarten has spacious compound as wide as 500 acre for the children with many other interactive facilities. There are farm with the width of 5000 acre, factories area with the width of 400 acre, tourist zone as wide as 1300 acre and residential as width as 300 acre.  It is certainly that UC Kindies is looking forward to have a good co-operation in the future with the kind, Xin Ji Weiye Organization.