Whole Language Teaching Programme

Communication brings us together as a whole.
Being bilingual makes connections easier, faster and better.

A syllabus taught in dual languages.
English as core medium and Mandarin*.
Learn language, art and science altogether in one programme .
*vary according to kindergarten

  • Our subjects:


As the information technology era progresses, we are learning the best ways to educate your child as well.

We administer modern methods inspired by English-speaking countries to deliver good quality syllabus that includes synonyms, antonyms, grammar and other comprehensions concepts.

Each unit comes alive with clear instructions and appealing illustrations. Pictorial teaching technique proves to improve children’s memory and concentration.

Using interactive reading activities, games and multimedia, an enthralling and captivating class is established effortlessly.


Morality is diminishing in our society. Retain our ethics by inculcating the future generation with moral values since young.

This subject will assist children to achieve excellence in intellectual and spiritual aspects of life while applying ethical mannerism in daily situations.

Let’s make the world a better place.


Colourful, vibrant, creative, what’s not to love about art?

We have a variety of activities such as painting, drawing, making crafts and clay models for children to express their imaginative ideas.

Plus, your child’s artwork might be featured in our weekly ‘Award of the Day’ on our Facebook page as well!


Explore world’s culture, nature and other science fields that are fantastic eye-openers!

A bilingual syllabus associated with multimedia-facilitated teaching methodology is provided to broaden children’s knowledge.

Science is all around us. Let us guide your child to learn and explore world’s wonders.

*Also under the UC Mental Development Programme


✌ Apart from the mentioned compulsory syllabus, we offer other language syllabus for your child to take up as well. However, the availability of the syllabus varies according to kindergarten.


We started from the bottom and worked our way up to the top.

Like our company, we utilise oracle bone inscriptions to lead children into the world of Chinese characters.

Our syllabus emphasises on pronunciation, phonics and memory of children with the aid of stories and multimedia.

With the administration of interactive games, children are able to identify over 3000 characters and master more than 20 frequently used sentence structures.


Our syllabus emphasises on 4 components: speaking, listening, writing and reading skills.

Knowledge is unlimited. Learn more in our enrichment classes*.

*Only for Kindies Group, vary according to kindergarten.


We acknowledge the importance of the Islamic knowledge.

Children will be given lessons on the basics of the Arab language in the form of writing and reading, daily prayers and memorisation of verses of Surah.


We aim to train children’s writing as well as learning Pinyin. Games-based classes are conducted to make the lesson fun!


Vocabulary, writing and pronunciation skills are emphasised. Your child will be proficient in Tamil in no time.


Don’t worry, we have so much installed for your child to have a joyous learning experience.

Songs, dances, games, aren’t they fun? This scheme is to equip your child with the ability to communicate efficiently via body language, conversing and writing.