International Culture

“Kindergarten is much more than academic.”
Broaden your horizon and be inspired to explore our colourful and exciting world.

Be creative, be imaginative.

More activities are to be held, so be sure to check out our news & events section and our Yearly Planner (template).


Experience diverse cultures and make friends around the world via our Brino’s International Exchange Activity (IEA)!


Various categories of competitions are held worldwide for children to have an insight into the topics in a wider perspective.


Children can understand and improve their calculation while having fun at it as games-based challenges are conducted.


Children set up science exhibition for parents. Proud children they will be when they see the wide grins on their parents’ faces!


Form a soccer team with the participation of parents and let’s have a friendly kick-off!


Actual letters, not emails. How rare it is to receive handwritten letters especially in this technology era. Mails written by children will be exchanged with other countries’.


It’s a day for our children and their family to be models! Dress up according to the given themes and rock the runway!


A child-initiated kindergarten activity for children to develop through liberal education. Combination of these will lead to the production of a wonderful fairy tale concert.
Indulge in imagination and creativity via

• Brino’s Role Play
• Brino’s Dramatic Drama
• Brino’s Rhythmic Dance
• Brino’s Music Production
• Brino’s Artsy Attack


It takes two to clap, it takes three to form a happy family. It may be parenting education, development appraisal or family-time attack. Comes in every shape and colour for the family love.


A not-to-be-missed annual concert and formal ceremony on graduates’ successful completion of pre-school education.


Professionals like doctors, policemen and fire-fighters will be invited to run workshops, classes or demonstrations. Learning comes in every shape and size.


Experience the fun at Brino’s Camp packed with indoor and outdoor activities. Someday, we fill it with Mad Science theme, someday, we fill it with Little Expatriate theme. Don’t miss out the fun!


An event organised by the public, for the public, to have a fun-filled day enjoying food and games.


Children get to go on field trips or outings to discover the world outside the kindergarten. You may start seeing our children flying kite in the field, exploring the animals farm, discovering the world of occupations and many more!


Our appraisal is done in a systematic determination of merit. Children’s academic, emotional, physical, social as well as other areas will be evaluated throughout the whole schooling period. The appraisal serves as a guide to characterize and value children in a wide range.


In the spirit of comradeship and adventure, sports activities are carried out on this day. The approach we take are family-oriented sports carnival, for family fun time together!


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Every possible occasion will come with a celebration, let it be a song or even a theme party!