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flash of fierce Mountain.
Xiao Yan is naturally do not know even if he retreated quickly, still is attracted hostility Song Qing, and even Kui know, the helplessness I cursed loudly as he could fool … It seems when
road along, Xiao Yan, like that of the monster inside for nearly an hour wandering Danta, had just returned home Sheng Presbyterian arrangements, within which the flow is quite Danta is not small, but all are Danta belongs refining pharmacists, including some real masters, said it is not an exaggeration … Canglongwohu back home, with a small medical Ann Shaw Sin, who prodded, then it is drilling its own room.
plate sitting on the couch of the room,coach purses outlet, Xiao Yan slightly pranayama, hand grip, light gray reel will roll out of their hands now, it is sent to him the previous sub Xuankong things.
palms spread slowly reel, which emit an invisible out fluctuations,Coach Outlet, which shares fluctuate Xiao Yan extremely familiar, it is the soul imprint emanating out.
spread reel,Coach Outlet Store, above and not the slightest fonts, and some, just some slightly distorted invisible wrinkle Temple,Coach Outlet, seeing this,Coach Outlet Store, Xiao Yan pondered a little one,Coach Outlet Store, that is holding the reel, then gently paste on the forehead.
reel touched his forehead, and immediately reported to the storm surge fluctuate invisible sky, Xiao Yan is immediately noticed a surge of information, like a flood poured into his head.
be completed after the influx of information obtained, Xiao Yan just light – scroll down, sinking mind, began to organize some kind of strange with the flow of information. ‘Finishing lasted a good long while, Xiao Ting Weibi just slowly opened his eyes, eyes shimmering light. Kind of information flow, it is the practice of the set Cao Ying soul of technology, this thing called the soul of fingerprints, also known