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of a switch ‘actually is no longer ignore the color scales and small medical cents, is directly into a streamer, facing Xiao Yan storm swept away.
‘Xiao Yan,’ Be careful! ‘
see people move so scorpions, small medical cents hastily silent reminder road … also cast stature quickly followed.
feel the wind coming from the front of the violent break, Xiao Yan looked up, looked at his face dark scorpion from people, but it is green and red sneer right wing quickly matched bone extending itself after it opened at the same time, the foot of the On Yinmang flash stature is directly in the Baizhang away, so that was the man rushed to an empty scorpion.
‘fast’ …
saw Xiao Yan actually easy to avoid his own, the man scorpion heart is surprised, but not until he continue to pursue Xiao Yan,Coach Outlet Store Online, head and behind him, two very aggressive attack,Coach Outlet, is suddenly hit, it is that tight comes with color scales and small medical cents.
facing the two together, these people did not dare scorpion just let them free to hit, the moment can only be turned out of the body of a grudge storm surge, and then behind the two attacks fiercely bombarded together.
‘bang’ …
three trails strong fight,Coach Outlet Store, exploding like thunder,Coach Outlet Online, crashing resounded in the sky above, a terrible underlying strength ** spread out like a flood, an earthquake this space have gone there have been a strong sense of distortions
‘Well,Coach Outlet Online,’ …
scorpion fiercely with people on a record boom, color scales and small medical cents are all mouth came a smothered voice, physique shook back again and again, although they are different physique,Coach Outlet, but after Scorpion and the difference between the people too much, even together, but also can not be overcome. Although there is no power but
win the war, but the two are still persistent, do not care