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of a switch ‘actually is no longer ignore the color scales and small medical cents, is directly into a streamer, facing Xiao Yan storm swept away.
‘Xiao Yan,’ Be careful! ‘
see people move so scorpions, small medical cents hastily silent reminder road … also cast stature quickly followed.
feel the wind coming from the front of the violent break, Xiao Yan looked up, looked at his face dark scorpion from people, but it is green and red sneer right wing quickly matched bone extending itself after it opened at the same time, the foot of the On Yinmang flash stature is directly in the Baizhang away, so that was the man rushed to an empty scorpion.
‘fast’ …
saw Xiao Yan actually easy to avoid his own, the man scorpion heart is surprised, but not until he continue to pursue Xiao Yan,Coach Outlet Store Online, head and behind him, two very aggressive attack,Coach Outlet, is suddenly hit, it is that tight comes with color scales and small medical cents.
facing the two together, these people did not dare scorpion just let them free to hit, the moment can only be turned out of the body of a grudge storm surge, and then behind the two attacks fiercely bombarded together.
‘bang’ …
three trails strong fight,Coach Outlet Store, exploding like thunder,Coach Outlet Online, crashing resounded in the sky above, a terrible underlying strength ** spread out like a flood, an earthquake this space have gone there have been a strong sense of distortions
‘Well,Coach Outlet Online,’ …
scorpion fiercely with people on a record boom, color scales and small medical cents are all mouth came a smothered voice, physique shook back again and again, although they are different physique,Coach Outlet, but after Scorpion and the difference between the people too much, even together, but also can not be overcome. Although there is no power but
win the war, but the two are still persistent, do not care


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and slowly turned around, one covered with hideous color of young faces, emerging out! (Third more to! 1070th eight chapters Qinghai
appear in the duck Custodian of sight Xiao Yan, his face grim awe-inspiring, even in its mouth but also promises some faint traces of blood, covered with ragged, looking back is slightly awkward,Coach Outlet Online, obviously that firestorms swept previously, but also so that was a little hurt he was, of course, if this injury compared with the three days of the snake,Coach Outlet, it is worth mentioning only say.
duck law enforcement body stiff down in that awe-inspiring voice, his face became pale a lot, he can clearly feel that the press in the palm of your hand at the nape of brewing an aggressive impulsive, as long as Xiao Yan heart together with the intention to kill,Coach Factory Outlet, then I am afraid he is too spot fall in their hands.
Xiao Yan left hand wiped the blood that wire mouth, eyes without the slightest feeling of staring at the front of the Custodian of distraction, this year in the cloud Arashiyama Gama Empire Exhibition Xiong Wei,Coach Outlet Store Online, and his face will be arrested and old drugs take the soul of the house Custodian, after a lapse of several years, finally is one of the most embarrassing in the end, fell on his hands & quot.;
‘In those days, you may have thought, you will have thisDay finale? ‘
Xiao Yan grin, but it is dark, cold smile, is so softly, so that was duck Custodian of heart thrown some promise chill.
‘if you kill me, soul of the house will make it difficult for you to survive in the Plains, you have to clear the house of my soul,Coach Outlet, not the Ice Valley!’ suppressing the heart of that kind of cold,Coach Outlet Store Online, hard mouth duck law enforcement, Chen Sheng threat Road. Xiao Yan eyes glanced
light, but it is a faint smile.
hear laughter Wan Road, duck Custodian shoved thrown


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what has made it his anger Hong Lie hand came up, nuji anti-laugh. ‘Come with me …’ and shook his head, Xiao Yan Tian no longer ignore these two noise of two, tilted his head, facing the Han Xue,Coach Outlet Store, who softly.
heard, Xue Han hesitated, and then froze in his room, in front of Xiao Yan, but it is already a marching pace, slowly forward.
looked dressed in ordinary clothes of linen slim silhouette, Han Xue suddenly felt a sense of confidence and security have emerged from the mind, immediately silver Yayi Yao,Coach Outlet Store Online, waved his hand,Coach Outlet, light shouted: ‘to keep up!
convoy moving slowly, then in a strange atmosphere, unhurried behind with Xiao Yan, the team and everyone around that Han Xue, palms are all some of sweat appear faint promise, and now they only have can sustenance, that is in front of a slim silhouette. ‘
Hung wood slowly looked gloomy face line to Xiao Yan Han and his team behind, between faint hearts have intended to kill flip, the exact strength of Xiao Yan, he was a bit hard to see, but he was repulsed from the previous flood That intense first-hand view, should presumably also a strong imperial struggle,Coach Outlet Store, and grades may not weaker than them. Compared with Hong
gloomy wood, that temper a little bit grumpy 洪烈 ugly face was abnormal, Xiao Yan of such acts, is almost completely put them in the eyes, so proud of the young man, comes in really They see so many years for the first time.
clenched fist slowly, constantly heard crunching sounds, after a moment, his eyes finally flashed a ferocious,Coach Outlet Store Online, shouted: ‘! Kill’ He Sheng Hong Lie
hear that shadow behind many people, suddenly shouted roar, gripping their weapons immediately,Coach Factory Outlet, with a wave of murderous intractable rich, facing the team rush away.
see each other attack, Han Chong, who face is excited to make a change, the same